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Musou Black Hole Painting

This is a print of the original artwork. To create the darkness of the black hole, I used Musou Black, the darkest, blackest paint in the world that absorbs over 99% of light. It creates a super dark, velvety look. To share this effect, *on each print,* I uniquely handpaint a real layer of Musou Black. This custom touch accentuates the darkness and depth of the black hole.

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The Action Lab Ornament

This Action Lab Ornament makes a great gift for family member or friend, or for yourself! Celebrate with a memento from a favorite YouTube channel, The Action Lab.

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The Action Lab Clothing

Extreme garage science The Action Lab experiment book Youtube

Extreme Garage Science Book

Now, for the first time, you can do these experiments at home! Extreme Garage Science for Kids! is jam-packed with killer projects and irresistibly nerdy explanations of how the world works.

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